A (not so) Aspirational Angel.

I have always wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret model.  One of The Angels. There, I’ve said it. I’ve spilled the beans, so to speak, on one of my most outrageous, unlikely goals in life.  A lofty dream for a 5’6″ (5′ 5 3/4″ if we’re getting specific) frame complete with wide hips and tiny tits. I aspired to walk the runway, outfitted with whatever … Continue reading A (not so) Aspirational Angel.

Letting Go of Lauren (Ralph Lauren).

Come Monday, I will be letting go of Lauren.  Lauren Ralph Lauren, to be exact. For nearly two years I have poured my heart and soul, my blood, sweat, and tears into Lauren sleepwear.  Learning each little rule that shapes the Ralph Lauren brand and allows this household name to remain just that. It has been hard. It has been stressful and overwhelming. It has … Continue reading Letting Go of Lauren (Ralph Lauren).

92 Years Young.

Today, we celebrate my grandmother. Today, she turns 92. She is my idol, my inspiration to live fearlessly. A truly remarkable woman, strong in ways that you could only ever begin to understand when you hear her full life recounted. (I’ll give you a brief synopsis) Born in Belgium, she spent the beginning of her life on the coast in France. As a young girl, … Continue reading 92 Years Young.

Green Line, Grey Line, Puke. (The Perils of Mixing the Stomach Bug and Public Transportation)

The other week, I had the unfortunate luck of contracting a stomach bug. When I say that I was violently ill, I truly mean it. The phrase doesn’t even quite emphasize just how brutal it was. Stomach bugs are horrible. They are one hundred times worse when you live in New York City and are required to take multiple subway lines to and from work. … Continue reading Green Line, Grey Line, Puke. (The Perils of Mixing the Stomach Bug and Public Transportation)

You are Not Guaranteed a Kiss. (An Ode to Valentine’s Day)

It was my second date stemming from an online chat with another member of OKCupid. My first went well. I was nervous but filled with hope for the second. Visions of merriment and comparability filled my head. I was not prepared for what awaited. I entered the bar and found him. He was tall and easy to spot. I noted that he hunched over and … Continue reading You are Not Guaranteed a Kiss. (An Ode to Valentine’s Day)

sleeping with boys.

Have you ever tried to sleep with a boy? And I’m talking sleep here.  You know, close your eyes, maybe have a dream or too, drool on your pillow, wake up refreshed, sleep.   So get your mind out of the gutter and your thoughts off that other meaning for “sleeping” with someone. If you’ve ever agreed to a co-ed sleepover with the misguided notion that it would result in rest … Continue reading sleeping with boys.


There are days in life that are hard.  Too hard. Those are often the days we rely upon our friends. This past month has been overwhelming at best for me.  I was forced to move out of an apartment I love.  Work has become nearly intolerable, with late nights and Saturdays spent in the office.  Things feel dark and uncertain for me.  My plans are crumbling … Continue reading Suffocating.

Late Twenties.

This past month, the inevitable occurred. I turned 27 and in doing so, I reached what can only be categorized as my late twenties.  No more saying mid-twenties or early twenties, or eagerly crying “I’m 21!” as I wave my ID in front of the bouncer.  Nope.  I’ve officially crested the hill and am on the slippery descent towards my thirties. I am shocked to find … Continue reading Late Twenties.